Follow up EMAIL TO GOV DESANTIS 03/30/2022 - Sadly, they are going after more than just this country in regards to power, wealth and control but also to reimagine human evolution into new species through Nanotechnology, gene editing, CRSPR, splicing humans and animal dna into hybrid abominations to produce monoclonal antibodies such as Regeneron to treat a disease they themselves created in a lab.  How are we allowing this to continue to happen to us, are you aware as the Governor of Florida what really is going on with the trans-humanist agenda.  They plan for Homo Sapiens to be extinct within 200 years.  They have plans to block out the sun, control and create all the weather in the world and have the world population on a digital grid through 5g.  There are literally patents owned by the US Government and NIH, Rotchilds, etc documenting the exact nanotechnology to put this whole thing together.  If you are not aware of any of these things please let's arrange a phone call at least so I can explain to you the pieces of the diabolical puzzle. Also I attached the letter again from the FDA to all the USA's state medical boards essentially telling them hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were dangerous and shouldn't be used for COVID-19.  This is mass murder going on still today in your Florida hospitals through Remdesivir, NOBODY SHOULD BE DIEING FROM COVID19!!!!!  PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!


PS Bioweapons are illegal in the United States hence the term "Gain of Function", and so is GENOME editing through mass vaccination without proper informed medical consent. This is really happening right now and has been ignored too long, mass genocide in the United States!  Why are we allowing Genome editing through COVID19 vaccines in Florida, this is illegal and abuse of our God given rights to life!


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